Licensed Pawn Brokers


We are a licensed pawnshop holder. We were established in 2011.


• In times of economic deterioration and stagnant salaries, many middle-income wage earners and executives find themselves turning to us to fill in any income shortfalls.
• Our objective is to offer you, our valued customer, with the highest standard of service in the industry.
• We guarantee to loan the most on any item and pay the highest for your valuables.
• We provide a quick and hassle-free way of trading valuables for cash.
• The pawn shop industry in Malaysia is subject to strict regulations and it is our responsibility to ensure the security and safety of your valuables.
• We provide 24-hour security monitoring, equipped with a state-of-the-art alarm system and a secure location to store your valuables. We also provide pawnbroker insurance such that we are fully insured.